Friday, December 14, 2012

Family Law Act (FLA), Regulations & Resources

On March 18, 2013 the new Family Law Act (FLA) will come into full force. Resources and training are being offered by a variety of sources. 

The Family Law Act (FLA)

The Family Law Act Explained

Part 1 - Interpretation 

Part 2 – Resolution of Family Law Disputes 

Part 3 - Parentage 

Part 4 – Care and Time with Children 

Part 5 - Property 

Part 6 – Pension Division 

Part 7 – Child and Spousal Support 

Part 8 - Children’s Property 

Part 9 - Protection from Family Violence 

Part 10 – Court Processes 

Part 11 - Search Officers 

Part 12 – Regulations  

Guide to the New BC Family Law Act

Legal Services Society.

This guide introduces the new act, which comes into effect on March 18, 2013. It includes information about:
  • family law language changes,
  • making agreements to stay out of court,
  • dispute resolution,
  • parenting arrangements,
  • child and spousal support,
  • dividing property and debt,
  • family law protection orders, and
  • moving with children.
It also contains a glossary of definitions for many of the new and changed family law terms and a useful resources section.

Coming soon in simplified and traditional Chinese, French (online only), Punjabi, and Spanish.

Order your print copy now or download the guide from our publications page.

Dye and Durham - Information from a webinar

1) Paramount Considerations/Goals in Drafting Legislation & Changes Already In Place;
2) Family Dispute Resolution;
3) “Best Interests of the Child” as they relate to Mobility (Relocation) Rights;
4) Family Violence;
5) Property Division “Significantly Unfair”;
6) Support;
7) Procedural Rule/Form Changes; and
8) Appearance Tips.

Family Law Act: New Resource for Justice System Workers and Advocates 
J.P. Boyd
I've put together an overview (PDF) of the new Family Law Act for people who work in the justice system and legal advocates.

The current version is dated 7 November 2012 (previous version - 3 November 2012); please download the updated document (PDF).

The new Family Law Act regulations

Family Law Act Regulations Explained

Part 1 - Interpretation 

Part 2 – Family Justice Counsellors 

Part 3 -Family Dispute Resolution Professionals 

Part 4 – Child Support Guidelines 

Part 5 - Child Support Recalculation 

Part 6 – Prescribed information, forms and fees

The Family Law Act Pension regulations set out the requirements for dividing a pensions under Part 6 of the Act, including the forms a spouse must use, the pension plan administrators’ duties to provide information to the member and spouse, and the formulas to be used to calculate a spouse’s share of the member’s pension. 

These regulations will take effect on March 18, 2013, the same day as the new Family Law Act, with the exception of the training and standards provisions, which come into force on January 1, 2014. The Family Law Act regulations will replace all Family Relations Act regulations.

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