Monday, June 4, 2012

What a Forensic Social Worker Does

People often ask me what exactly a forensic social worker does when I tell them that's the work that I do. I created this guide to explain the different types of work I provide to clients.


Forensic Social Work consulting offers individuals, families and organizations specialized practice knowledge, expertise and assistance in dealing with matters arising from involvement in family, child protection, Criminal and civil court proceedings.

What a Forensic Social Work Consultant & Analyst Can do for You
  • Broad reviews of legal cases utilizing specialized practice expertise and experience in child protection, youth and adult forensic psychiatric and mental health assessment and treatment
  • Conduct comprehensive forensic investigations and identification of important evidence for clients involved in family, child protection, Criminal and civil court matters
  • Submit comprehensive Section 15 reports and Forensic Social Work reports, including family and social histories and assessments summarizing evidence and providing expert witness recommendations to assist the Court in making decisions
  • Assist in litigation planning for cases by identifying the strengths and challenges of cases and ways to enhance the merits of specific cases
  • Provide recommendations and take action in obtaining additional evidence, documents and witnesses to support cases and case-specific risk mitigation
  • Conduct research for use in legal cases
  • Provide practical experience, assessment and treatment for a diverse range of clients and families experiencing crisis and facilitating stabilization and resolution of problems and challenges within the context of legal proceedings and complex situations
  • Offer knowledge of resources and assist clients in connecting with, or being referred to, a wide range of professional, community and other organizations for additional support and assessment

Friday, June 1, 2012

DNA testing based on access with child

Supreme Court says Dad doesn't have to provide DNA

Charmaine de Silva | Email news tips to

The BC Supreme Court has ruled a Canadian man doesn't have to give a DNA sample to prove a child born in China is his until steps are taken to start a "meaningful relationship" between the possible father and son.

The case involves a 3-year-old boy born in China to a surrogate mother. Now, the woman who has custody of the child wants to get him Canadian citizenship, based on the fact his biological father is Canadian. Yet, at the same time, she doesn't want that biological father to have a relationship with him.

The Court says the boy, who will be 4 in June, is not within its jurisdiction and forcing the biological father to give DNA serves only the interests of the woman trying to get the boy citizenship.

The man will only have to give up his DNA if he receives at least forty photos of the child, and is allowed regular Skype and telephone contact.